Tobiko Limited

8 Garrick Street
Covent Garden
London WC2E 9BH

Tel. +44 (0)20 339 77533
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YubaPrincess on Trip Advisor
1 March 2014
Sushi pitstop near Seven Dials/Leicester Station

4 of 5 starsReviewed 1 March 2014

Manned by japanese staff, this sushi place lets you pick up sushi to go (and probably wolf down on the small tables curbside). The (zuwai) snowcrab sushi is the best deal. THe maguro is a higher grade than those served in places like YoSushi or Wasabi. So is the Salmon. The chicken donburi is a good meal too. The japanese rice they use is of a good grade unlike in similarly priced shops. Will come again and again.

Visited February 2014

laymytable on
22 August 2012
Iím a sushi lover, a connoisseur of all things raw fish. I love the art behind the food, the attention to detail that doesnít come with many other cuisines and the beauty of the presentation. It is the food that makes your eyes open wide and truly appreciate the chefís work.

Tobiko is an absolute gem. A take-away sushi place in between Covent Garden and Leicester Square. Itís near all the out dated Spaghetti Houses and Pasta Browns that adorn the central London streets and it stands out as a beacon of hope for fish lovers!

There are a handful of tables outside, under the canopy giving it such a friendly feel. Pop inside and the chef never fails to give me a beaming smile and greeting, before getting back to preparing the sushi. You can pick and choose to make up your own box, or choose from one of the ready-made selections. I always go for the Salmon Box, priced at £6.50 (4 salmon nigiri, 2 salmon and avocado rolls and 4 salmon rolls). Occasionally Iíll opt for some Miso or Edamame too, which are also great. but my heart lies with the Salmon Box. Spend £8 or over and they give you £1 off your next visit!

The fish is SO fresh and the taste of it just melts in your mouth, the avocado is always soft and ripe and I can honestly say it is the best fish used in sushi in London that Iíve had. Unbelievably delicious. It is so finely prepared, the best cuts of the fish used, and honestly, thereís nowhere better. DEELISH!

helen c.-Kirkland, WA USA on
7 March 2011
After a long redeye flight from the states, I wandered aimlessly around my hotel to find something that would satisfy my sushi craving. I was solo so a fancy sit down lunch at Nobu didn't seem right. I walked in an out of Pret, EAT and Tesco - none of which had sushi that looked remotely edible. The sandwiches in there didn't look much better - talk about mayo overload!!

I lucked out and ran intoTobiko. Super fresh sushi sold by the piece or in pre-made sets. Doesn't have a real dining area - it looks like they're mainly set up for delivery or takeout. It hit the spot - the fish was fresh and since it's sold by the piece - you get exactly what you want (no useless cucumber rolls).

Pretty good value and the people there were as nice as can be. For business travelers - you should know they don't take American Express... this made for an extra trip back to the hotel to get the Visa, but it was totally worth it.

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